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The Commitment

To promote health and well being through medical advancement

For Jeffrey Gibson, MD the purpose became clear when he realized the physical and emotional damage that his cancer patients were experiencing after months of chemotherapy. In his quest to help them improve the quality of their deteriorated and rapidly-aging skin because of the treatment, Dr. Gibson combined his experience in cellular research and skin regeneration with the knowledge of some of the most prominent scientists in the field. The result: a technology so groundbreaking, it transcends to a global scale, where powerful wound healing and regenerative applications have the potential to change lives.

Advanced Wound Healing


Wounds, especially chronic wounds, are the cause of great human suffering in the form of pain and social discomfort and financial burden



  • Wounds can affect an individual’s ability to work, can create mental health problems and can result in recurrent infections.

  • Wounds may cause odors or may have visible drainage, staining clothing and triggering feelings of embarrassment and shame. 


  • Isolation due to decreased mobility and the fear of being a burden on family and friends

  • Increased stress can actually slow the progress of wound healing.

  • Depression can set in due to a lower quality of life and dependence on others for wound care, as well as for overall assistance, both physical and financial.

  • Loss of work hours

  • Psychological aid

  • Prolonged Wound Care

  • Prescription Drugs

  • Chronic wound management

  • Psychological aid

  • Prescriptions

RxGenesys’ technology developments have promoted significant progress in wound healing and skin regeneration therapies. Faster and more effective skin regeneration leads to less traumatic recovery processes and smaller financial impact for patients.

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